A Dayton Tradition….


Anyone who grew up in the Dayton area should instantly recognize the pizza picture.  A Dayton Tradition now for 48 years, Marion’s Pizza is one of the hometown foods people instantly connect with Dayton.  This isn’t your deep dish Chicago style pizza (sorry Lou & Geno) or your NY slice of pepperoni…. This is Dayton thin crust square cut pizza.

Recently, Pizza Magazine named Marion’s Pizza the #1 independent pizzerias in the US.  I have many fond memories of Marion’s growing up.  I can’t recall the number of birthday parties I attended at the Dixie Dr location.  In High School and thru college, Friday nights was our Marion’s night.   From now and till the end of debate, we will be having the debate of who/where has the best pizza.  I’m not going to try to convince you that Marion’s is the best pizza ever.  When I do have friends come visit, Marion’s is one place I always try to make time to take them (Skyline Chili is another… but that will be another post….).  For me, what makes it great is I can associate it with my hometown.  Being an AF brat, I really didn’t have a place to call a hometown… I didn’t have a place I grew up.  I grew up everywhere.  The majority of my childhood was spent here in Dayton.  After college, I did move move away from Dayton a few times….but I always came back.  I will always consider Dayton my hometown… and I will always consider Marion’s… My Pizza.

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